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JIO Smartphone

Reliance Jio Smartphones @ Rs.1000 Only!! COMING SOON!

As per the Economic Times reports Jio is preparing for launching a smarphone @ Rs. 1000 Only. These smartphone will contain 4G VoLTE bolster and all smartphone function will be available.

As  you know reliance launched the JIO SIM and it become very popular in very few day because JIO have unlimited call, unlimited data and unlimited sms @ without any charge. Its 100% free. So now as per the reports reliance going to launch cheapest 4G Smartphone in the Indian market.


Reliance will launch two smartphone priced at about Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,500 that are likely be launched in January-March. These phone contain all the features including data access. One think may not be available in this phone is Touchscreen. So guys be ready for buying the most cheapest phone in the coming days.

JIO Launching these smartphone mainly for rural areas, because everyone can buy these phone because of the cheapest price. In the rural areas 2G Segment still is a big market.