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How to Activate Reliance JIO SIM? Here is the Detailed Solution

Activate Jio SIM: Today Reliance Jio SIM has become the greatest and easy to afford broadband all over India and also all over the India. Reliance Jio SIM comes in market with lots of features including free Data Plan, free SMS plan as well as unlimited free calling plan. Reliance committed to offer high quality network service that makes people happy, enjoyable and affordable too.

In Sept 05 Reliance launched Jio SIM to connect people with a very high network. If you are facing any issues for activating your JIO SIM and any other issues, follow below points that will help you to activate your JIO SIM.

Activate Jio SIM Online:-

Requirements to activating Reliance Jio SIM:

Before using Jio SIM you must have smart phone with LTE feature so that you can avail all the Jio services. After that you need to Reliance Digital Mini store nearby you with your Smartphone.

  1. First of all, to get The Reliance Jio SIM you must have to submit their KYC documents. KYC is the short term for Know, your Customer, and this is a process of a business for identifying or verifying the identity of the customers.
  2. Secondly, Download My Jio app from play stote to get Jio SIM.
  3. You make sure all the activity or process should be done correctly. If you fail to proceed rightly this could be a issues not to activate your Jio SIM.
  4. As soon the process is completed, you have to click on the “NEXT” button, there you will get an offer code, and you need to note down that code correctly.
  1. Apart from that, users have to collect all the needed documents for fulfilling the KYC process.
  2. You must carry all the required proofs such as address proof, Voter ID card, Aadhar Card along with a passport sized photograph.
  3. Collect all above required document or things and go to your nearest Reliance mini store where you will get Jio SIM Free.

How to activate Jio SIM?

Here, we are going to aware you all the activating process by follow you would be able to activate Jio 4G SIM. When you have Jio SIM in your pocket? Follow below steps to activate your Jio SIM card.

  1. First of all Customer will receive a confirmation message from Jio office for the Tele-verification.
  2. After that customer need to dial the following number 1977 from his/her new Reliance Jio SIM.
  3. After Following above 2 points as per the KYC norms, the identity of the customers need to be confirmed by using the last four digits which they given for their identity confirmation.
  4. After that  Reliance Jio SIM card will be activated within 1 to 2 hrs. Sometime it may take more time like 4 to 5 hrs.
  5. For Internet Data activation you need to make a call on Toll-Free number 1800-890-1977 by using the alternate number which you submitted at the time of SIM registration.
  6. Now you have to wait for some time, when you data service will be started you will received a confirmation number. If you got the confirmation sms than your Reliance Jio SIM data pack is activate.


Reliance Jio SIM is the best ever new product launched by the Reliance which become very popular within the small time period. Everyone ios looking to by the Reliance Jio SIM. People are standing in lines for 2 to 3 hrs for getting the reliance Jio SIM.

We hope you have read the all article and now you can easily activate you Reliance Jio SIM without any problem. If you are still facing the problem, write us in comment, we will help you in getting you out from the problem.

How to Get free Reliance Jio SIM with Welcome Offer for any Mobile

Free Jio SIM is all the rage, since months now. Reliance has been giving the Jio 4G SIM cards with a few mobiles till now, including the ones from Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Intex, Micromax, and so on yet now, Reliance Jio has declared another offers.

Currently, Reliance and group is providing Jio SIM and all the internet services as a in Welcome Period Offer. What’s new will be in coming welcome offer?

  • Free calls
  • Free data, unlimited
  • Free SMS
  • Free Jio applications access
  • So, it is like Jio offer time has been increased and now you can calculate the coming glorious services and offers of Reliance.
  • Till when you can get free Jio services?
  • It will be available till December 31st and Reliance is not going to charge anything is their network. Reliance is famous, old and reliable network company of India. Reliance is service their customers since long time with their amazing offer. It is always known for their amazing offers.

How and where can I get Reliance Jio SIM with welcome offer?

Reliance JIO 4G SIM carda available their official stores with free of costs. Here are the few list of store:  Reliance Digital, Reliance Digital Xpress Mini, Digital Xpress, and even the reputed retailers.

What will the charge after welcome offer?

After offer you will be able to choose your favorite commercial offer as per your need. You need to check JIO plans and what plan Reliance offering in which prices. Reliance prices are always cheaper than other network provider companies. So, based on your need you can easily select your JIO plans.

How can I get JIO welcome offer plan?

It is not hard to get Reliance JIO SIM. It is easy to be in queue for some time and collect JIO sim from vendor at your time. While receiving the Jio SIM your phone should have liable to get Jio SIM apart from that you should have own ID proof after that you can collect your SIM.

While receiving JIO SIM card, you would required to submit  documents for Jio SIM and that might have the Aadhaar card inclusion as clearly mentioned by Reliance owner Mr. Mukesh Ambani at the official announcement of Jio services.

Reliance Jio 4G SIM – Internet and Data Plans

Reliance Jio 4G Sim: We all know, we are living in an advanced generation, and if you look around you will see most of the work are done online. Which means now we are slowly going to be used to online works, so the internet is one of the best platforms of working nowadays? Many youths are now very much showing interest in online jobs other than going to offline jobs like government jobs or jobs in any company. So the main thing today is the internet, it seems like without the internet our world is stuck in a traffic jam not going forward.

Reliance Jio 4G SIM – Internet and Data Plans

You could be surprised why I am talking too much about the internet? Because the topic I had got for you today is internet related and is very interesting. So I have decided to clear all the details about internet. You know many big companies also offer 3G 4G speed internet at high rates.

How to Get Reliance Jio Sim?

So there are numerous web benefits that you can go for in the market, yet the principle address now is which is the best web arrange supplier in light of the fact that as there are a significant number of them, it is hard to pick which one is the best.

Details about Reliance Jio 4G Sim:

Jio is a new released 4G internet service provider company of Reliance. They launched their perfect service as not available in market right now. Reliance Jio offer free* internet, calls and sma service for all customers. The owner of this Company Mukesh Ambani has started to give one of the best fastest internet networks in India. As we know we were facing slowest network problem in India. Jio has been beaten all the internet service provider companies.

Jio has been inaugurated its wifi hot-spot in March 2016 and this wifi hotspot is available in many of the metro cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmadabad and many more other cities. The point is that the Reliance Jio internet plans are much cheaper and better than other service provider companies. Are you aware about which internet company offers most of the cricket stadium internet plans? There is nothing else. Reliance Jio is the multi branded company offer all of the India’s channels like news, movies, crickets, sports and other networks. Connect with Reliance Jio and be the part of Digital India and live digital life with free of cost. Jio has their own brand and values who always take care of their brand.

If you are looking for better internet connection plans for your smart phones give them JIO SIM and get the fastest internet service which you cannot get from any other service providers. Your smart phone will be too smart after getting Jio SIM that will allow you to serve your digital life every time.

Buy Reliance 4G SIM:

So above I define all the detailed information about Reliance Jio SIM and their internet connection. Oh..! I missed about JIO Application. There are lots of JIO apps available for you. Install ji apps from play store and feel top of the world feelings. By using Jio apps you can enjoy live TV anytime everywhere.

Find Jio Apps in Play Store:

If you are thinking how to and where to install or download Jio apps? It is so simple go to play store and find Jio apps ad click the which you want to install like My Jio, Jio TV, Jio Cinema and many more applications available over there. Get them and enjoy digital life.

Reliance Jio Tariff Offers:

  1. The first one is Jio play; with this app you can watch live streaming of any TV Channel for free. This is the fastest way to watch live tv channels via using Jio.
  2. Another fantastic tariff of Jio is a chat messenger app is another interesting app that is developed by Reliance Jio. By using this app, you can sent instant message, and it is more or less looking like as Whatsapp messenger.
  3. You can download and listen music online using Jio beats and there are many other apps they have launched in the Play store, and they have given all these apps in their own LYF smartphone which is specially made for Reliance Jio 4G internet connection.


So above is the little bit information about Jio apps and I must say these Jio apps having many features and easily use too. This is all the information for today. I give you all the unique details about Jio SIM and Jio internet Services. If you are facing any confusion or having any question in your mind. Please share in comments below. We will be answered you.

Thank You!

Reliance JIO Mobile – How to Get Reliance LYF 4G Mobile

Reliance Jio Mobile Phones: Reliance is a pioneer association, Reliance Communications is India’s boss and actually planned data exchanges organization provider. The corporate encompasses a client base of on top of 118 million together with quite two.6 million individual abroad retail customers.

Reliance Group, a branch of the cluster got wind of by Shri Dhirubhai H Ambani (1932-2002), positions among India’s prime non-public section business homes with regard to mixture resources. The affair has business interests that degree from knowledge exchanges (Reliance Communications restricted) to money connected organizations (Reliance Capital Ltd) and also the time and assignment of impact (Reliance Power Limited and Reliance Infrastructure Limited).

How to Buy Reliance Jio Mobile Phones:

Reliance Communications has got wind of a frying pan Bharat, people to come back, joined (remote and wireline), synchronous (voice, knowledge and video) modernized framework that’s ready for supporting best-of-class organizations crossing the complete correspondences regard chain, covering quite twenty one,000 urban teams and cities and quite four hundred,000 towns. Reliance Communications claims and works the world’s greatest battlefront science enabled system structure, containing quite 280,000 kilometers of fiber optic association structures in Bharat, USA, Europe, Middle East|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} and also the Asia-Pacific area.

Other large get-together associations – Reliance Power, Reliance Infrastructure and Reliance Capital – area unit for the foremost half perceived because the business division pioneers in their specific zones of operation

Reliance Jio Mobile Phones – Mission:

To accomplish overall best practices and remodel into a first correspondence organization provider – radio-controlled by its inspiration to maneuver towards a lot of conspicuous level of many-sided quality and improvement.

Reliance Jio LYF Phones:

In what resembles the initial move toward the heatedly anticipated business dispatch of 4G, Reliance Jio has started providing its Lyf cell phones with SIM cards authorized for the fast administration in India’s larger urban areas. this can be the primary run through normal consumers can access the Jio 4G system, taking when the organization gap it up for employees toward the tip of last year. The SIM cards accompany 3 months of free infinite info and four,500 minutes of voice calls, proposing that a business dispatch — notwithstanding the very fact that restricted — might merely be 1 / 4 away. Investigators but usually anticipate that Jio can dispatch all-out business operations within the not therefore distant future, around Gregorian calendar month.

Jio’s flip concurs with the dispatch of, the positioning through that consumers will register and acquire Jio associations. With this, the organization has likewise ventured aloof from the arrangement of representatives alluding up to ten people as potential purchasers of Lyf telephones aboard a 4G Jio SIM.

Dependence Jio declined to remark on enhancements known with its business dispatch. It’s been six years since the Mukesh Ambani-run Jio procured 4G point the 2300 rate band, strengthening its possessions from that time forward within the 800 and 1800 rate teams.

Reliance Jio LYF Phones Stores In India:

It has to boot gone into a variety impartation consent to Reliance Communications, keep running by relative Anil Ambani, in seventeen circles. aside from this, Jio to boot encompasses a vary exchanging concurrence with RCom. it’s to boot inked base impartation agreements to completely different telecommunication tower organizations, as an example, Reliance Infratel, Bharti Infratel, Indus Towers and Viom Networks.

Mukesh Ambani has already known as Reliance Jio the world’s greatest startup, with a venture of over Rs one.5 100000 large integer, which can supply broadband areas that area unit up to eighty times faster than current offerings, at affordable rates.  Varied anticipate that Jio’s dispatch can trigger a price war, harming financials of office holder telcos. Real players, as an example, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, and plan Cellular have as of currently propelled 4G advantages and area unit transfer info levies right down to attract new and hold previous purchasers within the beloved spot up to Jio’s dispatch.

Lyf Mobile Phones with 4G SIM cards area unit being oversubscribed in immense arrangement retail locations in Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and level one urban communities in states, as an example, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, geographic region and Madras, aforesaid people conscious of the matter. Dependence Digital and Reliance Digital mini store officers during a few urban communities Affirmed the advancement as did retailers and store proprietors that have collaborated with Jio to supply Lyf telephones.

Price of Reliance Jio Mobile Phone in India

LYF is a Indian organization which is producing the portable mobile phones which is an auxiliary of Reliance Retail. By the reports of may 2016 LYF becomes  5th cell phone supplier in the India. The Reliance now giving Reliance JIO SIM card with LYF mobile phone also. The price of reliance jio sim is Rs 5,599 to Rs 19,499 low to high.

Reliance Jio SIM Home Delivery – Can We Buy Reliance Jio 4g SIM to Home?

Do you want Reliance Jio SIM at your home? Do you want that Reliance need to sale jio SIM online? If you are thinking that reliance will start the home delivery of Jio 4G SIM at your home, than you are absolutely right. We have a Great news for you, if resource is correct than reliance is planning for selling the Reliance Jio 4G SIM Online. People can register and order this SIM online. That means you do not need to wait for weeks of month. If online delivery will be started that you can get Jio 4G SIM at your doorstep within few days.

Reliance Jio 4G SIM

With its extensive number of clients and more individuals interfacing with the system consistently, Reliance Jio simply doesn’t stop to stun us with every one of its administrations. Its unparalleled system and uncommonly high 4G web speed, Jio has figured out how to win a shocking number of hearts around the nation.  At the point when Mukesh Ambani gave his discourse about Jio and its amazing administrations, we as a whole knew this would have been something splendid and standard client’s desires.

Reliance Jio 4G Sim

Let us again investigate a portion of the best components that would make you ask for the online enrollment benefit today.

Free Voice Calls: According to Mukesh Ambani, no Jio client could ever need to pay for voice calls. Also, that is entirely valid for the Reliance Jio SIM clients. Be it whatever other Jio number or some other system, some other city or area inside India. There are positively no charges at all nor voice calls for Jio guests. Indeed, Jio doesn’t even have roaming charges all over the India.

Shockingly Low Data Plans: Generally for  1 GB Data pack, the clients need to pay around 250 or something like that. In any case, with Jio the costs are right around 10 times low. This implies only for 25 Rs. Or there abouts, you can enjoy 1 GB Internet data pack.

4G Network: This is the one best ever feature every Reliance Jio user is certainly a fan of. The most elevated speed network access accessible is the thing that Jio gives to its clients. The Jio 4G system is accessible with the Jio Sims as well as different gadgets like JoFi and Jio Dongle etc.

The e-KYC: Remember the times when the new SIM initiation used to take 2-3 days or even weeks. Indeed, with what is called as the e-KYC innovation, Jio guarantees to have your SIM actuated in only 15 minutes. The idea works by confirming the client’s points of interest utilizing his or her Adhar Card. e-KYC hasn’t been propelled yet however Reliance guarantees to give the administration as quickly as time permits.

These were only a couple summed up elements that Jio has for its clients, Reliance and Mukesh Ambani guarantee a great deal more to whoever associates with the Jio arrange.

It is the last feature we discussed, that is going to help Reliance with its home delivery services. e-KYC or Electronic Know Your Customer is an administration to confirm the client utilizing their Adhar card points of interest. Not just will this administration be useful for the clients in giving them on the spot confirmation and SIM initiation, it will likewise be successful in cost sparing because of such a great deal less paper use than in standard check process. In certainty, if numbers are to be trusted, Jio alone is going to spare no less than 20 Crore sheets of paper inside a year once its e-KYC dispatches.

Jio positively has its rivals going crazy over the astounding administrations that it gives. With it home delivery benefit it is unquestionably going to make it harder for them to accompany more aggressive and Innovative ideas. Reliance Jio has already acquired the huge number of clients around nation and it is entirely justifiable with the sort of system and administration that it gives to its clients. Let all of us trust that Reliance begins the home delivery benefit soon with the goal that we can appreciate the fantastic Jio benefits considerably more effortlessly. For further updated about Jio 4G follow our blog.